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Cellar Door Society

Cellar Door Society

Do you dream about the day your beer cellar is bursting with damn tasty, unique beers? Do you drool upon hearing the words "barrel-aged" or "small batch"? You have come to the right place.

What Is the Cellar Door Society?

Although we love dark beer, and we'll give you tips on how to store your collection, the Cellar Door Society is anything but dark and cold. Our Cellar Door Society is a fun, exclusive community full of craft beers enthusiasts like yourself. An environment not only created to bring people together through exquisite barrel aged beer, but an opportunity to learn about the extensive process behind each individual bottle. Our highly trained and passionate brewers are dedicated to crafting a unique experience in each Cellar Door Society fulfilment.​


  • 4 Cellar Door Society exclusive bottles per fulfillment (8/year); 4 of our Reserve Brands per fulfillment (8/year). ​
  • 2 fulfillments in Spring/Fall. ​
  • 15% off online sales.​
  • 15% off at the Tasting Room all year round (applies to beer for here/to go, merch & snacks). ​
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50.​
  • (2) complementary sample trays per year at either the Tasting Room, Bend Pub, or PDX Pub (Included in your Spring & Fall fulfilment).
  • (2) 20% coupons per year to the Bend Pub, or PDX Pub (Included in your Spring & Fall fulfilment). ​
  • Complimentary production tours at Brew 2 including 3 guests (not applicable for Barrel or Pilot tours). ​
  • Access to purchase additional Cellar Door Society special releases or vintage reserve series beers. ​
  • Access to purchase kegs of reserve beers (imagine – The Abyss on tap for a dinner party!)​
  • Welcome box (all welcome boxes will be shipped out mid December).​
  • Pairings and recipes created by our very own executive chef Jill Ramseier.
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