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Abyss 2015

Abyss 2015

Imperial Stout | 11.0% ABV | 70 IBU

Details and Ingredients

Malt: Roasted Barley, Chocolate, Black Barley, De-bittered Black, Pale & Wheat

Hops: Millennium, German Northern Brewer, Nugget & Styrian

Adjuncts: Blackstrap Molasses, Brewer's Licorice, Vanilla Beans & Cherry Bark

Barrel-Aging: (28%) 6 Months in Bourbon, Oregon Oak & Pinot Noir

Availability: Reserve Beer

The Abyss is the heart and soul of the Reserve Series. This Imperial Stout is brewed with blackstrap molasses & brewer's licorice. "Dry-Spiced" with vanilla beans & cherry bark. With notes of vanilla, chocolate, dark fruit, caramel, toffee, and espresso.
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