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Black Butte XXVII

Black Butte XXVII

Imperial Porter | 10.2% ABV | 60 IBU

Details and Ingredients

Malt: Pale, Wheat, Midnight Wheat Chocolate & Crystal

Hops: Mellennium, Cascade & US Tettnang

Adjuncts: Theo Chocolate's Cocoa Nibs, Pomegranate Molasses & Cranberries

Barrel-Aging: 6+ months in Burbon (50%)

Availability: Reserve Beer

The spices on this are right up front in the aroma moving towards smoky black pepper. The flavor is a really unique experience- it starts fruity/ tart from the apricot and pomegranate, and then chocolate notes begin to pop up allowing some sweetness to counteract the fruit. In the finish, the spices come back around towards the tail end. This is one of the more unique flavor combinations selected for our anniversary beer, and we are delighted to see that it is still as intriguing as it was years ago.

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